Jai Rodriguez, the culture guide from Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, revealed in a recent podcast that he remains estranged from his mother.

In 2018, Netflix retooled the reality makeover show, giving its new cast a mission to dive deeper into the personal stories of their “heroes.” The new series also allows the cast to reveal more about their own struggles.

During a recent episode of the Spectacle: An Unscripted History of Reality TV podcast, Rodriguez compared the Queer Eye cast from 2003 with today's series.

“It's a very different vibe,” Rodriguez said. “You know, there's a lot of pieces of my story that I fudged when I was on Queer Eye. Like, I had no relationship with my mother. Basically, I was disconnected because of her inability to kind of embrace who I am as a queer man. And that never repaired itself.”

“But what did I do during Queer Eye? I was filled with such shame during that era to say this happened. I didn’t want people digging up her business and her having a hard time. So we literally made amends for that time. I put her through hair and makeup and would bring her to an event or two. We both played our parts.”

“[Bobby Berk] shares very intimately about his journey with his own mother. I felt so much of that. And I'm so proud of him for being on [a] streaming platform that is global. And sharing a very important story about families that have become disconnected from their children who happen to be LGBTQ+,” he said, referring to the current show's designer.

Rodriguez added that the stereotype of a gay man in the 90s was intrinsically linked to AIDS.

“That's where you are going and why would you do that?” he rhetorically asked.

Rodriguez recently appeared in the HBO Max limited series Equal.