Out actor Russell Tovey covers the latest issue of UK LGBT glossy Attitude.

Tovey is promoting his upcoming book, Talk Art: Everything You Wanted to Know About Contemporary Art but Were Afraid to Ask. He also co-hosts with Robert Diament the popular Talk Art podcast.

The 39-year-old actor spoke with Sir Michael Craig-Martin, known as the “godfather of Brit Art,” about his sexuality and love for art.

Tovey, a self-described “art geek,” recalled getting advice from an older actress that “changed everything.”

"I was doing a TV show and I was desperately in love with this much older actor and had such a crush on him, and I didn’t think anyone knew,” Tovey said.

"This older actress took me for a walk along the beach where it was filming and explained to me that I might be gay. She said, 'If you are, that’s great; if you’re not, that’s fine. But you might be.' It felt like, oh, that’s an option. That is something I can possibly be. That’s what these feelings I’m having are."

"You feel lost and at that age, to have someone put their hand out and go, 'Come here. This is just me giving a bit of advice.' It stayed with me forever and changed everything,” he said.

Tovey is best known in the United States for his portrayal of Kevin Matheson in the HBO gay drama Looking and his guest role as Ray Terrill/The Ray on the CW's Arrowverse.