The Arkansas House on Monday approved a controversial bill that bars transgender girls and women from participating in female sports.

The bill now heads to Governor Asa Hutchinson, a Republican, who has spoken in favor of the measure's objective but has not said whether he'll sign it into law.

According to the AP, the bill cleared the Republican-led House with a 75-18 vote.

GOP Representative Sonia Barker, the bill's sponsor, said that the bill was needed to create “a level playing field for girls and women in our Arkansas schools.”

But Representative Tippi McCullough, the top Democrat in the Arkansas House, said that such measures make growing up more difficult for transgender teens.

“It's extremely hard to be a kid, and if you're a transgender kid, your life's even hard,” said McCullough, the only openly gay member of the Arkansas Legislature. “Sports gives kids a place to belong, a place to be included, a place to succeed or learn to deal with setbacks and work to overcome them.”

Passage comes just days after Mississippi's governor signed a similar bill and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem asked lawmakers to exclude college sports in the bill they approved.

Republicans in at least 20 states have introduced similar bills.

Arkansas' bill becomes law after five days, excluding Sunday, without Hutchinson's signature.