In a recent interview, Kate Winslet discussed her role as paleontologist Mary Anning in the period drama Ammonite.

Ammonite features a speculative romantic relationship between Anning and British geologist Charlotte Murchison, played by Saoirse Ronan. There is no evidence that the women had a love affair in real life.

Speaking with UK LGBT glossy Attitude, Winslet, who is best known for her role in Titanic, said that it “should be permissible to explore an alternative love life” for Anning given there is no knowledge about her sexuality.

“There is no historical evidence whatsoever to suggest she had relationships with men, none,” Winslet said. “And she was not married.”

“So, I think it should be permissible to explore an alternative love life for that individual. To delve into what might have gone on in the inner workings of their heart.”

“And I don't understand why that matters.”

“For me, I absolutely love and champion same-sex love stories and any LGBTQ stories that we can possibly get our hands on. And I hope that we are able to normalize same-sex connection on film without hesitation, secrecy, or fear, by normalizing these relationships,” she said.

Ammonite is currently streaming on Hulu.