In his first interview since coming out as transgender, actor Elliot Page says he's “fully who I am.”

The 36-year-old Page came out in a December post on Instagram.

In a cover story for Time, Page said that he has mixed emotions.

“This feeling of true excitement and deep gratitude to have made it to this point in my life, mixed with a lot of fear and anxiety,” he said.

Page said that he expected the support and backlash that followed his announcement.

“What I was anticipating was a lot of support and love and a massive amount of hatred and transphobia. That's essentially what happened,” he said.

Page said that the coronavirus pandemic gave him time to “really focus on things that I think, in so many ways, unconsciously, I was avoiding.”

Page added that he feels a responsibility to speak out.

“Extremely influential people are spreading these myths and damaging rhetoric – every day you're seeing our existence debated. Transgender people are so very real,” he said.

Page also revealed that he had top surgery just before his announcement. “It has completely transformed my life,” he said.

Page is currently filming the third season of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy.

“I'm really excited to act, now that I'm fully who I am, in this body,” he said. “No matter the challenges and difficult moments of this, nothing amounts to getting to feel how I feel now.”