Three activists accused of offending religious feelings were acquitted by a Polish court on Tuesday.

According to the AP, the activists in 2019 distributed posters of the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus with rainbow halos. The rainbow flag is a symbol of the LGBT rights movement.

The posters were a form of protest against the Catholic Church's opposition to LGBT rights in Poland.

The court in the city of Plock rejected the charges, saying that the activists were protesting discrimination and not seeking to offend religious feelings.

The conservative Life and Family Foundation filed the case.

The group, which said it would appeal the court's ruling, said that the courts should protect Catholics “from violence, including by LGBT activists.”

“[T]he guilt of the accused is indisputable,” Kaja Godek, who helms the group, said in a Facebook post.

LGBT rights advocate Love Does Not Exclude applauded the ruling.

“This is a triumph for the LGBT+ resistance movement in the most homophobic country in the European Union,” the group said.