The HBO drama Big Love is preparing to take a big look at the ex-gay movement and the Mormon Church's relationship with the gay community, Entertainment Weekly reported.

Big Love, the highly-acclaimed drama about a polygamist Mormon family in Utah that stars Bill Paxton and Jeanne Tripplehorn, begins its fourth season on January 10. Among the surprises this year will be the possible coming out – or outing – of closeted villain Alby Grant (played by Matt Ross).

Matt Ross' character is “being groomed for an incredible season,” Will Scheffer, co-creator and executive producer of Big Love, told Michael Ausiello.

Joining the cast this year is Benjamin Koldyke as the character of Dale Tomasson, a gay man undergoing reparative therapy to “pray away the gay.” The two men begin an affair.

“Alby's boyfriend, Dale, is appointed head of the UEB – a trustee,” co-creator Marc V. Olsen said. “They stumble into a relationship, and this guy is [just like Alby] struggling with his urges. He's been going to therapy for several years … unsuccessfully. Alby is going as well.”

The gay storyline will “highlight certain aspects of the church's relationship with its gay members that I think, as the story unfolds, is going to cause no [small] amount of controversy,” Olsen added.

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