James Franco's portrayal of Allen Ginsberg in the film Howl will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah next month.

While Ginsberg is best known as the quintessential beat generation poet, he was also a pioneering gay rights advocate. Ginsberg often discussed being gay and advocated for the freedoms of sexual minorities. He went so far as to list his lover, the poet Peter Orlovsky, as his spouse in his Who's Who entry.

Howl, however, is not a love story, but a look at Ginsberg's most famous poem, Howl. The poem, published in 1955 by City Lights, a San Francisco-based bookstore, became the subject of a landmark obscenity trial that tested the boundaries of the First Amendment.

How much of Ginsberg's personal life is included in the movie remains to be seen. But directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman did cast Aaron Tveit to play Peter Orlovsky, Ginsberg's self-identified spouse.

Last year, Franco played Harvey Milk's gay lover, Scott Smith, in the feature film Milk. The highly-acclaimed movie about the San Francisco politician murdered on the steps of City Hall was directed by Gus Van Sant. Van Sant executive produced Howl.

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