In a recent interview, British actor Derek Jacobi talked about coming out to his mother while in college.

Jacobi, 82, is principally a stage actor but has appeared in numerous films and television shows. He can be seen in Amazon's Good Omens and Netflix's The Crown.

Speaking with The Telegraph, Jacobi said that he knew he was gay from an early age.

“I knew I was gay very early on, although it wasn't called gay back then,” he said.

“I knew that I wasn't into girls in the way that I should be. I dated girls, and we sat in the back row of the cinema, and I did all that I was supposed to do, but I wasn't enjoying it.”

“I confessed to my mother while I was at university and she very typically and sweetly said: 'All boys go through this stage.'”

“I was a loner for years,” he continued, “but I've been with my partner [Richard Clifford] for 43 years, which is quite an achievement. It remains a stable and loving relationship. It was another piece of luck in my life.”

Jacobi played Ian McKellen's longtime partner in the ITV comedy Vicious.