A California woman has pleaded guilty to threatening to kill nuns at a private Catholic all-girls high school in the District of Columbia after the school announced it would include information about same-sex weddings in its alumnae magazine.

Sonia Tabizada made two threatening phone calls against Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School two days after it announced the change in May. 2019.

“Hey motherfuckers, I’m going to burn that fucking church, I’m going to bomb it, bitch!” Tabizada allegedly said in a voice mail. “I’m going to fucking kill you guys. I’m going to send my fucking soldiers, motherfuckers. Remove the fucking gay motherfuckers from your magazine, or I’m going to fucking kill your kids. That’s a promise.”

“What kind of pervert priests do you guys have running the show?” she said in a second voice mail. “Nobody cares for those girls? You’re crushing the innocent, motherfucking asshole. I’m gonna fucking blow up the school and call it a mission from God. You guys are going to get terrorism within your fucking school, motherfucker. And you’re going to be guilty. And I warned you!”

Federal prosecutors charged Tabizada, 36, with making a bomb threat against Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, which is owned and operated by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Justice Department on Monday announced that Tabizada had pleaded guilty in federal court to “intentionally obstructing persons in the enjoyment of their free exercise of religious beliefs by threatening to bomb” the school.

In its announcement, the school said that it was advancing its teaching that “we are all children of God … worthy of respect and love.”

“The defendant made violent threats against high school students, religious leaders, and school officials based solely on her disagreement with a private school’s application of religious doctrine,” Eric Drieband, assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division, said in a statement. “Tolerance and religious freedom are cornerstone values in our society and the Department of Justice will continue to vigorously prosecute violent threats motivated by bias.”

The agency said that Tabizada will be sentenced on March 23 and faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a fine of up to $250,000.