Christian conservative Franklin Graham is calling on Georgians to “rally God's army” to defeat Democrats in next week's Senate run-off election.

Both of Georgia's incumbent senators – Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue – failed to win a majority in November's General Election, leading to Tuesday's run-off against Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock.

The election will decide which party will control the U.S. Senate.

Ossoff and Warnock support passage of the Equality Act, a federal LGBT protections bill that cleared the House earlier this year but stalled in the Republican-led Senate, while neither Loeffler nor Perdue has co-sponsored the legislation. President-elect Joe Biden has vowed to make passage of the Equality Act a priority in his administration.

In a Facebook post, Graham, the son of the late evangelist Billy Graham and head of the Billy Graham Evangelist Association, used the bill as an example of why Georgians need to defeat Ossoff and Warnock on January 5.

“Why are these two seats so important?” Graham asked. “The control of the U.S. Senate is at stake. The Senate is the last line of defense to block the radical, wicked agenda that is trying to take control of our nation.”

“These two seats will determine whether liberal socialist-leaning progressives OR conservative lawmakers have a majority. The policies supported by those on the left promise to be openly hostile to those who hold Christian beliefs.”

“Liberal, so called progressives, immediately want to pass The Equality Act which is anything but equal. It is an attempt to rid our country of religious freedom protections. Progressives could pass this easily and quickly with control of the Senate.”

“Friends, this is dangerous. This would change our nation at its very foundation – and yes, it would also greatly change your everyday life,” he added.

Graham, who has denied he's homophobic, has previously said that he's not afraid to have his head “chopped off” for opposing LGBT rights.