Out actor Zachary Quinto will star in and produce a scripted podcast series based on a 1920 incident involving the purging of gay students at Harvard.

According to Deadline, the series, titled Secret Court, is being written by Abdi Nazemian (The Artist's Wife).

On May 13, 1920, Cyril Wilcox, a sophomore at Harvard, took his own life. The night before, Wilcox confessed to his brother that he was gay and had been having an affair with a Boston man. Wilcox's confession led Harvard to create a Secret Court to investigate claims of gay activity on campus. Eight students, four “accomplices,” and a handful of locals were tried by the court. The students were expelled and purged from official records. The incident was kept secret until 2002.

Quinto said in a statement that the students were “sidelined due to the social intolerance of their day.”

“I’m honored to lend my voice and help amplify the story of these promising young members of the LGBTQ+ community, who were marginalized and sidelined due to the social intolerance of their day. A hundred years later, I am grateful to their contributions and sacrifices, and recognize that I stand on their shoulders today,” Quinto said.

The series is being produced in partnership with Quinto's Before The Door Pictures, Topic Studios, Vespucci Group, Spoke Media, and writer Rafael Moraes.

Spoke Media co-founder Alia Tavakolian called Secret Court an “important story that needs to be told.”

“Yes, there is tragedy and pain here, but there is also joy, happiness, and inspiration. And we’re thrilled to create a piece that showcases all the bravery and vitality of these tremendous young men who chose to pursue community and understanding despite living in a world that attempted to wipe out their existence,” Tavakolian said.