In an interview with UK LGBT glossy Attitude, actor Max Parker announced that he's gay.

Parker, 28, is best known for playing Luke Posner on the ITV drama Emmerdale.

Speaking with Attitude, Parker said that coming to terms with his sexuality was difficult in part because his parents had encouraged him to explore who he was.

“What I've found hardest is probably coming out to yourself,” he said.

“One of the main reasons why it took me quite a while to come out is because my parents are so accepting and they've always said to me, ' You know, if you're gay, you can tell us.' And I'm really stubborn and I don't want to be proven 'wrong,' so I was trying to prove to myself, 'No no, they're wrong, I'm not gay.'”

“Everyone's like 'Don't label yourself,' but there's some comfort in [thinking] 'What am I? Oh, I'm gay,'” he added.

Parker said that his relationship with Emmerdale co-star Kris Mochrie became tabloid fodder. He said that while he was out to his parents, much of his family was unaware of their budding relationship.

“It was just quite sudden – especially in lockdown, things are quite intense anyway,” Parker said. “The public made [our relationship] official before we had, really, because we were still only dating before these [articles] came out, we hadn't really made it official.”

Parker added that out actor Russell Tovey (Looking) has been an inspiration.

“Russell Tovey has been a big inspiration for me, seeing a gay man do so well and being so versatile in [his] characters,” Parker said.