In interviews with The New York Times and LGBT glossy Out, two-time national ski champion Hig Roberts announced that he's gay.

Roberts, who started skiing at 2, told Out editor David Artavia that being in the closet led to “big bouts of depression” and mental anguish.

“I had moments of standing on the podium with national titles and still feeling depressed,” Roberts said. “I was almost in a daze because of the mental anguish I would feel. I had sleepless nights. I had anxiety attacks. I had big bouts of depression. I had to closet all of that from my teammates and my coaches.”

“As athletes, the visibility for LGBTQ+ people has been very quiet,” he said. “There hasn't been a lot of representation in the space, especially in alpine skiing, a very masculine, aggressive, strength-based sport.”

“I was trying to balance these feelings of being gay but also not truly believing that [I] could be successful in such a masculine sport,” he said.

Roberts, who is no longer competing, added that he feared he would lose corporate sponsors if he came out. Now, he wants to help more athletes come out.

“I have a firm belief in the goodness of people,” he said. “You will be OK. Most importantly, you will be on the way to being a happy person and a better human being and I think that's a beautiful thing.”

Other skiing athletes to come out include Gus Kenworthy (slopestyle skiing), Ryan Quinn (cross-country), and Liam Moya (alpine).