Out actor Russell Tovey has said that he would “love” to play Kevin again in HBO's gay drama Looking.

Looking aired from 2014 to 2016. It also starred Jonathan Groff and Murray Bartlett.

HBO wrapped up the show with a film after two seasons.

Speaking at the Attitude Awards red carpet, Tovey said that Looking had “really important stories” to tell.

“An important project for me was Looking, which was a show I did on HBO, which was about a group of [LGBT] friends in San Francisco which Andrew Haigh and Michael Lannon created,” he said.

“We did two seasons of that and a film, then it sort of ended, and we were dissipated.”

“That felt like … there were really important stories in there. And it was a really important time to be telling them stories.”

“I feel sad that it ended when it did and we didn't have an opportunity to carry on telling these stories and representing so many more people,” Tovey said. “That would be something I'd love to go back to, to play Kevin. A lot of people thought he was a total bastard. But that was really nice to play, as an actor.”

Tovey was honored with the Attitude Culture Award at last week's Attitude Awards.