A Hungarian lawmaker who is strongly opposed to LGBT rights has resigned after he was arrested trying to flee a gay sex party in Brussels.

According to the AP, Hungarian MP József Szájer, who is married to a woman, admitted that he attended the party. More than 20 men, including several diplomats, attended the party, which violated local coronavirus lockdown regulations.

Police arrested Szájer as he attempted to flee the party by sliding down a gutter on the building. Belgian media reports that authorities found drugs in Szájer's backpack after he was arrested.

Several outlets reported that some men at the party zipped down their pants when the police arrived, thinking this was part of a show.

Szájer, 59, is a founding member of Hungary's right-wing Fidesz party. He stepped down on Sunday.

Investigative journalist Szabolcs Panyi said that Szájer's arrest was important because “while he was enjoying himself in LGBT-friendly Brussels, he made life for LGBT people in Hungary miserable by rewriting the constitution.”

Panyi described Szájer as the “legal architect of [Prime Minister Viktor] Orbán's regime.” Szájer's draft of Hungary's constitution defined marriage as a heterosexual union. “[The constitution] became the legal justification for Viktor Orbán's culture war,” Panyi tweeted.

Tamás Dombos of the Háttér Society, a Hungarian LGBT advocacy group, told the Washington Blade that Szájer had spoken out against the government's anti-LGBT crackdown, just not loud enough.

“He was trying to do what he could within the framework, but he wasn't courageous enough to come out personally and he was never courageous enough to say, if you're going forward with this homophobic and transphobic agenda, then I'm quitting the party,” Dombos said. “He never did that, so he was a coward.”