In a video posted on Instagram, actress Laverne Cox shared that she and a friend were the victims of an anti-transgender attack in Los Angeles.

Cox, who is best known for playing a transgender inmate in Netflix's Orange is the New Black, said in the video that she was in “shock” and “very triggered” by the incident.

“I just went for a socially distanced walk with a friend in our masks in Griffith Park,” she explained. “We pass this guy, and the guy very aggressively asks for the time.”

“When people talk to me in the street I usually ignore them. That's just the New Yorker in me. My friend tells him the time. Then, the guy says to my friend, 'Guy or girl?' My friends says, 'Fuck off.'”

“All of this is happening in a split second. All of the sudden, the guy is attacking my friend. … The guy is hitting my friend. … I pull out my phone to dial 911. All of [the] sudden it's over and the guy is gone.”

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Cox said that she has a “long history of street harassment in New York.”

“It's not safe in the world. It's not safe if you're a trans person,” she added.