Social conservative pastor and radio host E.W. Jackson announced on Sunday that he and his wife had contracted COVID-19.

On his The Awakening radio show, Jackson downplayed the severity of the coronavirus pandemic.

In March, Jackson claimed that God was protecting President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence from the virus. Trump contracted COVID-19 in September and was hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland.

Jackson also said that God would protect him from the pandemic.

“I will not get the coronavirus,” Jackson told his listeners in March. “Who do you think you are? How can you say that? Because I asked God to protect me from it. I confessed Psalm 91 over my life and over the life of my congregation and over the life of our families and we're not getting it.”

Jackson, who ran for a seat in the U.S. Senate in 2018 as a Republican, announced his diagnosis during church services Sunday morning. He said that he was “feeling good.”

During one radio program in March, Jackson used the pandemic to attack LGBT rights, blaming the “homovirus” for destroying the black family.

In 2013, Jackson described gay people as “very sick.”

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