Actors Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci discuss their views on straight actors taking gay roles.

In the new movie Supernova, Firth and Tucci play a committed couple struggling with a diagnosis that threatens to rip apart their relationship.

Firth, 60, and Tucci, 59, play Sam and Tusker, respectively, a middle-aged gay couple who take a road trip through England's Lake District as they digest Tusker's diagnosis with young-onset dementia.

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The actors discussed their views on the subject in an interview with UK LGBT glossy Attitude.

“I don't have a final position on this,” said Firth, who also played a gay character in the 2010 film A Single Man. “I think the question is still alive. It's something I take really seriously, and I gave it a lot of thought before doing this.”

"Whenever I take on anything, I think it's an insufferable presumption. I don't really feel I have the right to play the character. That's always the starting point. What do I know about this person's life?”

"How can I presume to set foot in this person's lived experience, let alone try to represent it?" he rhetorically asked.

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“For so many years,” Tucci said, “gay men and women have had to hide their homosexuality in show business to get the roles they wanted – that's the problem here.”

“Anybody should be able to play any role that they want to play – that's the whole point of acting,” he added.

Tucci played a gay character in the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada.