Scottish actor Stanley Baxter has come out as gay at age 94.

Baxter, who is best known for his popular British comedy shows, discussed his sexuality in his authorized biography, The Real Stanley Baxter.

Baxter and actress Moira Robertson married in 1951. According to this biography, Baxter told his fiancee that he was gay before they married and sought to end their relationship. She threatened suicide and he relented. While gay sex was illegal in England at the time, Robertson allowed her husband to bring men home for sex. In 1997, Robertson died of an overdose while he was overseas.

Baxter also stated that he contemplated suicide after he was arrested for having sex in a public restroom.

“Anybody would be insane to choose to live such a very difficult life,” Baxter said. “There are many gay people these days who are fairly comfortable with their sexuality, fairly happy with who they are. I'm not. I never wanted to be gay. I still don't.”

Baxter's biographer, Brian Beacom, wrote in an item for the Daily Mail that Baxter “lived in dread of being exposed in the press as a gay man” and he “often spoke of wanting to die.”

Beacom said that Baxter agreed to allow him to write his biography provided it wasn't published until after his death. Without an explanation, Beacom said that Baxter changed his mind this year.

Baxter retreated from public life 25 years ago. He said that he “didn't want to be seen as someone who was once Stanley Baxter.”