A new research report from the Williams Institute finds higher rates of internalized homophobia among gay, lesbian, and bisexual Republicans than LGB Democrats.

LGB Republicans are also less likely to feel connected to the LGBT community.

“Researchers and LGBT community members have seen an inherent incompatibility between LGBT identity and Republican affiliation,” researchers wrote. “Nonetheless, LGBT people, like other minority groups, hold diverse beliefs and political affiliations.”

The report, titled Differences Between LGB Democrats and Republicans in Identity and Community Connectedness, found less satisfaction with being LGB among Republicans.

While only 17 percent of Democrats wished to be heterosexual, 41 percent of Republicans said they would want to be straight. More than twice as many Republicans than Democrats said that they view their sexuality as a personal shortcoming, 38 percent versus 16 percent respectively.

More than a third of LGB people from both parties reported having tried to stop being attracted to same-sex partners at some point in their lives.

While 72 percent of Democrats said that they feel connected to the LGBT community, only 46 percent of Republicans agreed.

Republicans were also less likely to believe that their sexual orientation was an important part of their identity. Eighty-five percent of Democrats said that “being LGB is a very important part of me,” while 68 percent of Republicans agreed.