More than 100,000 people attended Taiwan's annual LGBT Pride parade on Saturday.

After a strict lockdown, Taiwan has gone 202 days without a local transmission of COVID-19, making Saturday's parade possible, NBC News reported.

Revelers kicked off their march at Taipei's City Hall. The parade spread across two routes.

While parade-goers celebrated LGBT rights – Taiwan last year became the first place in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage – the party excluded foreigners, who are barred from traveling to Taiwan due to the pandemic.

“I hope after the pandemic is over, people can come back to Taiwan and join us for Taipei Pride,” said Hsu Hui-Qing, 24. “I hope every country can get things under control soon.”

“We've made a lot of progress, and that's great. But I hope one day LGBT in Taiwan can be treated like anyone else,” Hsu said.

Pride month is celebrated globally in June, but Taiwan holds its Pride Parade in October to avoid typhoon season. Most events around the globe this year were canceled or moved online due to the pandemic.