In an upcoming podcast interview, out singer-songwriter Ricky Martin talks about his support for former Vice President Joe Biden.

Martin, who was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is raising four children with his husband Jwan Yosef.

Martin, 48, who stumped for Biden in Florida last month, criticized Latinos for Trump, a coalition of Latino voters who support President Donald Trump.

“It is super sad,” Martin said during an appearance on the Variety and iHeart podcast The Big Ticket. “I think there's a lot [of] Hispanics that will vote him out. Trumpeters make a lot of noise and it's scary to see their enthusiasm. But us, we're doing what's right, the right way and we'll see what happens in November. I'm very optimistic.”

On Biden, Martin called him “great”: “I think [Biden] is the only option we have and he is great and he has been in politics all his life. This is the moment. We all need to get together and be loud about the course of this nation.”

According to Latino Decisions, a project of NALEO, 65 percent of Latinos favor Biden, while 24 percent support Trump. Trump has higher support among Cuban-Americans (50%), a key demographic in Florida, according to a Telemundo poll.