During his victory speech last weekend, Australian lawmaker Andrew Barr kissed his husband on live TV.

Barr, Australia's first and only openly gay head of state or territory, won his sixth consecutive term as chief minister of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

After thanking voters, Barr turned his attention to his husband Anthony Toms.

“Finally, my husband Anthony,” Barr said. “You are my rock.”

“My life is so much better since we got married. … We met in this city. We've been together nearly 21 years and are about to have our first wedding anniversary. Anthony, I love you.”

“Our families make us, our families support us, and get us through. So thank you,” he said, then added, “To the broader Labor family, it is such an honor to lead this party in this territory.”

The couple married in November 2019 on their 20th anniversary together and the 10th anniversary of their ACT civil partnership.

Gay and lesbian couples began marrying in Australia in 2017 after passage of a same-sex marriage bill.