Tiffany Trump, the daughter of President Donald Trump, on Saturday spoke at an LGBT rally in support of her father's reelection.

According to Outspoken, a media project of Log Cabin Republicans, Trump Pride in Tampa attracted an estimated 150 people.

“It's such an honor to be able to be here and speak truthfully, honestly, and from my heart,” Tiffany Trump told the audience.

“I know what my father believes in. Prior to politics, he supported gays, lesbians, the LGBQIA+ community, okay?”

Tiffany Trump noticeably omitted transgender people from her remarks. The Trump administration has a dismal record of attacking the transgender community, including reversing several Obama-era policies such as open military service and allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice.

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“We unfortunately see social media, we see these fabricated lies,” Tiffany Trump said. “It saddens me. I have friends of mine who reach out and they say, 'How do you support your father? We know you. We know your best friends are gay. We know your best friends are this, this, this.' I say, 'It's because my father has always supported all of you.'”

She added that her father wasn't an LGBT ally “for politics, and he's not doing it for politics, and, unfortunately, I think there's a lot of people out there and other politicians who do, okay?”

Users on Twitter quickly criticized Tiffany Trump for promoting her father as an LGBT ally.

“Just when I thought I couldn't hate the Trumps more, and it's hard to believe Tiffany has any friends,” wrote @PaulRunickNY.

“The daughter he knows nothing about representing a community he knows nothing about,” messaged @louisvirtel.

According to the Washington Blade, Richard Grenell, who is running the Trump campaign's LGBT outreach, and Marla Maples, Trump's former wife and Tiffany Trump's mother, were in attendance.