Australian actor Hugh Sheridan has said that he's been “overwhelmed” with support since coming out.

Sheridan, who is best known for playing Ben Rafter in the Seven Network series Packed to the Rafters, discussed in an essay for the first time publicly persistent rumors about his sexuality.

"In many ways, I wish I didn’t have to write this," Sheridan wrote. "But I feel a responsibility to others who may come after me.”

"By sharing my story now, and becoming more transparent, maybe I can help to give others who are private a break. We might live and let them live as they wish. I believe labels are for clothes, not for people."

He said that while in college he met a man that he “connected with emotionally, mentally, and physically” but was warned that publicly discussing his relationship would ruin his career.

Sheridan, 35, added that he previously was “too embarrassed” to discuss his experiences with men.

Speaking with The Daily Telegraph, Sheridan said that he was “overwhelmed” by the support he's received since writing his essay.

“I've honestly been completely overwhelmed with how many people really related to what I was saying, especially about taking your time and not having to pick a label straight away,” he said.