In a new interview, out singer-songwriter Sam Smith talked about his 9-month relationship with actor Brandon Flynn.

Speaking with the Sunday Times Style, Smith, who came out non-binary last year, said that they found dating in public difficult.

Smith, 28, and Flynn, who is best known for his role on Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, dated in 2018.

“That was my longest relationship – the main relationship of my life – so there was a catharsis going on,” Smith explained.

“When you write songs you may start with an initial inspiration, but then it becomes something else, a story that everyone can relate to. I also found it hard that the relationship was public.”

“I think there are ways to get around it, where you can maintain a level of privacy, but it was hard. I was 25 during that time and in many ways I seem a lot older now, but when it comes to relationships I am still a bit of a teenager,” they said.

Smith is currently promoting their third studio album, Loves Goes, which arrives Friday, October 30.