Gossip blogger Perez Hilton, real name Mario Lavandeira, said in a recent interview that he would prefer that his son were not gay.

Hilton, 42, is a single gay dad raising three kids: Mario (7), Mia Alma (5), and Mayte Amor (3).

“Given my own experience, I would still prefer it if my son were not gay,” Hilton told The Telegraph.

“I would love him and accept him unconditionally, of course.”

“But I know that even in this day and age, life is still harder for gay people,” he added.

Two years ago, Hilton, who is promoting his new book, TMI: My Life in Scandal, created controversy when he said that his son was not allowed to attend dance class out of fear he would “end up being gay.”

“If I had my preference, I'd prefer my son to be heterosexual because it's easier,” Hilton said in a video at the time. “As a gay man, I’m not ashamed to be gay… but if I could go back in time and, when I was 18, be given a choice, I would have chosen then to be heterosexual… Being a gay man [around the world] is still a harder road to travel on.”