In a recent interview, Shepard Smith talked about his new news show on CNBC and leaving Fox News.

Smith, who is best known for his 23-year career at Fox News Channel, suddenly left the network roughly a year ago. His new show, The News with Shepard Smith, airs on CNBC at 7 PM EST.

Speaking with LGBT glossy The Advocate, Smith, who came out in 2016, described his departure from Fox as a divorce.

“It's kind of like a marriage. You end a marriage,” he said. “You're like, 'Dude you're out; we're done.' You don't relive it. You don't go back. You made a decision. I have to make a lot of decisions in my role here and when I make them, that's it. I can't go back, so I'm not going back. I'm trying to chart a new course and do what I know is right. And that is seek the truth, find the truth, tell the truth, in context and with perspective. I have a platform of influence, I'm honored to have it, and I have to use it responsibly. We're all in this together. I can't act irresponsibly in a public way when it comes to disseminating information because that's injurious to society and I won't do it.”

At one point in the interview, Smith said that his “little gay heart” was warmed by how people have come together to fight COVID-19.

When asked whether his sexuality had hurt his career, Smith answered “no.”

“Life is wonderful being out and gay and proud. I live my truth; it's not very interesting,” he said. “I have a partner of nine years who I'm madly in love with and who I get to share ups and downs with and who's my rock and who loves my family. I'm so thankful to be in this position. I know even in this woke world, there are plenty of people struggling. Struggling about who they are and what people think of them. If you live your truth, there are no limits. I'm so proud and happy to be part of this loving gay community. It's fantastic.”

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