U.S. Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday. She was 87.

Ginsburg on Friday lost her years-long battle with pancreatic cancer.

“Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died this evening surrounded by her family at her home in Washington D.C., due to complications of metastatic pancreas cancer,” the Supreme Court said in a statement.

Known as “Notorious RBG” among progressives, Ginsburg was appointed to the bench by President Bill Clinton in 1993. During her tenure, she championed LGBT rights.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest LGBT rights advocate, said in a statement that the nation had lost “an unqualified, undisputed hero.”

“Today, we lost an unqualified, undisputed hero,” HRC President Alphonso David said. “She wasn’t just an iconic jurist, Justice Ginsburg was a force for good – a force for bringing this country closer to delivering on its promise of equality for all. Her decades of work helped create many of the foundational arguments for gender equality in the United States, and her decisions from the bench demonstrated her commitment to full LGBTQ equality. She was and will remain an inspiration to young people everywhere, a pop culture icon as the Notorious RBG and a giant in the fight for a more just nation for all. We extend our deepest condolences to her family and loved ones. What she represented – fairness, justice and equality for all – we must all continue to fight for. Those principles are not transactional, they are fundamental to our democracy.”

GLAAD's Sarah Kate Ellis called Ginsburg “a true champion for LGBTQ equality.”

“We are forever grateful for her life spent working towards the highest ideals of our country under the Court's motto: Equal Justice Under the Law,” the group's CEO and president tweeted.

A crowd of mourners gathered outside the Supreme Court as news broke of her death.

People also paid their respects online.

“Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a titan of justice,” tweeted Pete Buttigieg. “Her jurisprudence expanded the rights of all Americans, shaping our lives for the better. And her example now shines within the history of our country, there to inspire generations.”

Megan Rapinoe called the news “devastating.”

“This is devastating,” Rapinoe tweeted, “an incalculable loss. We owe so much to RGB. Rest in Power Ruth Bader Ginsburg. #RIPRBG.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook added in a tweet: “Ruth Bader Ginsburg spent her life in pursuit of an equal world. She fought for the unheard, and through her decisions, she changed the course of American history. We can never repay what she has given us, but we all can honor her legacy by working toward true equality, together.”