Out television personality Jillian Michaels has revealed that she had a mild case of COVID-19.

Michaels, an original trainer on NBC's reality series The Biggest Loser, told Entertainment Tonight that she contracted the virus from her best friend.

“My best friend – she's also my hair and makeup artist – she was on a job five days before she saw me, and they had everybody on set tested negative,” Michaels explained. “She comes to my house. I'm feeling overwhelmingly comfortable. Two days after that, my very close friend calls me and says, 'You're not gonna believe this, but I just tested positive.'”

Michaels said that she was asymptomatic for six days. She said that she had mild symptoms for four days. “[B]y the fifth day, I felt fine,” she said.

She added that had her friend not told her, she probably would have passed on the virus to her mother.

“[T]he part that scared me is I've been seeing my mom. Had my friend not called two days later and said, 'Hey, I'm positive. You need to quarantine immediately,' I would've seen my mom and I don't want my mom getting COVID at all,” Michaels said.

“That's the part that just shook me emotionally, was how I had thought, 'Oh well, obviously I'll recognize it. I'll obviously have a symptom,' or 'I'll obviously feel something,' and you don't,” she added.