Out actress Cynthia Nixon talks about her sexuality, politics, and return to television in a new Attitude interview.

Nixon stars opposite Sarah Paulson in Ryan Murphy's upcoming Netflix series Ratched, which tells the origin story of Nurse Ratched. Nixon, who is best known for playing Miranda Hobbes on HBO's Sex and the City, has been absent from television screens for several years.

Speaking with Attitude, Nixon, who in 2018 lost the Democratic primary for New York governor, explained that she identifies as queer, not gay or bisexual, because it includes her former 15-year relationship with partner Danny Mozes and current marriage to Christine Marinoni.

“To say 'queer' means I'm over there. I don't have to go into the nuances of my sexuality with you,” Nixon said.

“Falling in love with my wife was one of the great delights and surprises of my life. But it didn't seem like I became a whole new person, or, like, some door had been unlocked.”

“So I feel like 'queer' is an umbrella term, and it includes my formerly straight self, too,” she added.

Nixon said that after marriage equality, the right-wing seized on transgender issues. One of Nixon's three children, Samuel, identifies as transgender.

Nixon added that she is backing Joe Biden for president because “we just can't get rid of Trump soon enough.”

“I'm really hopeful that we will all turn out in November, because we have to. We have to do it for our country and we have to do it for our planet,” she said.