A federal court in Georgia on Thursday ordered the Trump administration to recognize the U.S. citizenship of the two-year-old daughter of a married same-sex couple.

The State Department had refused to recognize Simone Mize-Gregg, the daughter of Derek Mize and Jonathan Gregg, both U.S. citizens, as a U.S. citizen, arguing that she was “born out of wedlock” because she was not born in the United States and is not biologically related to both her parents. The children of heterosexual married U.S. citizens born abroad are automatically considered U.S. citizens.

The couple married in 2015 in New York. Simone was born via surrogacy in England in 2018. Both men are listed on her birth certificate.

The couple and their daughter are represented by Lambda Legal and Immigration Equality.

“As a result of the State Department’s discriminatory actions, we have undertaken a long journey to have our daughter recognized as a U.S. citizen,” said Derek Mize in a statement released by Lambda Legal. “But today, that journey is complete, and we are overcome with gratitude, for our lawyers and for the Court, for recognizing us as a family that is simply trying to give our daughter the best possible start, which all children deserve.”

“Today’s court decision is a resounding victory for LGBTQ families,” said Omar Gonzalez-Pagan, senior counsel at Lambda Legal. “The court has declared baby Simone, the marital child of Derek and Jonny, to be a U.S. citizen since birth and ordered the State Department to issue her a U.S. passport. We are very pleased the court found that the agency’s policy was irreconcilable with the law and our Constitution’s guarantee to equality because it treated the children of married, same-sex parents differently from the children of other married parents.”

“No family should have to face the fear and uncertainty of having their child’s citizenship status be held in limbo,” he added.

A federal judge in June ruled against the State Department in a similar case.

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