Writer Russell T. Davies has said that as a gay man he worries about the rise of Disney+.

Best known for Queer as Folk (BBC), Doctor Who, and Cucumber, Davies, 57, questioned why Disney's streaming platform, Disney+, scuttled gay teen drama Love, Victor to Hulu, which it also controls, and what that move means for LGBT content.

Davies made his remarks during an appearance at the virtual Edinburgh TV Festival.

“Can I just say my one negative worry is the rise of Disney actually,” Davies said. “I love a Disney show. I love a Disney film. I love these things, but that is a giant.”

“Disney+ is barely a year [old] and it is vast already. It's already started charging for your live action Mulan, so you can see the money rollercoaster towards it. And my great worry with huge monoliths like that is it's family oriented. It's family friendly.”

“[Disney+] had a series called Love, Victor, which is a television spin-off of the film Love, Simon, which is a gay series. They moved it on to Hulu. They commissioned it and developed it, then they moved it.”

“Disney is out to buy all of these companies and will keep buying them. And then, as a gay man, I'm sitting there going, 'Well, where's my content?'”

Davies added that of the 3,931 hours of content Disney+ launched with, he could “watch the gay content in half an hour.”

Davies had praise for platforms such as BBC, Netflix and HBO.

“From my point of view, I'm looking for gay material, popcorn stuff like Stranger Things – what a great lesbian character in the last series. It's very, very exciting,” he said.