Richard Grenell appeared at the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Thursday, just days after he made a video praising President Donald Trump as the “most pro-gay president” in American history.

Trump nominated Grenell to serve as ambassador to Germany and Grenell later served a stint as acting director of national intelligence.

But Grenell, whom gay conservatives hailed for being the first openly gay presidential cabinet member in history, made no mention of his sexual orientation during Thursday's speech. Instead, he focused on Trump's “America First” foreign policy.

“It has no bias about red and blue, educated or not educated, urban or rural,” Grenell said from a podium. “America First is simply the belief that politicians should focus on the equality and dignity of every American, and that duty is fulfilled by promoting the safety and wealth of the American people.”

Log Cabin Republicans, an LGBT GOP group, produced the controversial video starring Grenell. In the video, Grenell praises Trump as the “most pro-gay president” in history and downplays Democratic candidate Joe Biden's support for the LGBT community, noting that Biden was opposed to same-sex marriage during the 2008 election. While Biden at the time did not support marriage equality, he did support civil unions for gay and lesbian couples, an important distinction that Grenell failed to mention. Then-Vice President Biden announced his support for same-sex marriage during a Sunday appearance on Meet the Press. The announcement pushed then-President Barack Obama to announce his support.

Trump, on the other hand, has yet to say that he supports same-sex marriage, though he's come close a few times. During the 2016 race, Trump said that he was “fine” with the Supreme Court's ruling that struck down state constitutional bans and laws that defined marriage as a heterosexual union. Trump has also disparaged such unions. In 2011, he compared marriage equality to a “very unattractive” golf putter, though he added that he has many gay friends.

Trump's record as president has been marred by anti-LGBT animus. The administration has taken the position that current federal law does not protect based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Federal agencies have re-written policies in line with this position. The Supreme Court recently disagreed, saying that LGBT status is protected in current federal law. The Trump administration has refused to implement the high court's ruling. The Trump administration also re-instated a policy that prohibits transgender people from serving in the military.

And Trump has indicated that he would sign legislation protecting opponents of marriage equality and is opposed to the Equality Act, a federal law which would prohibit anti-LGBT discrimination.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest LGBT rights advocate, criticized Grenell's description of Trump as an LGBT ally. In a 30-second video released on Wednesday titled “Liar Liar,” the group called Grenell's statement untrue and noted that The Washington Post called it “an absurd lie.”

Grenell is the third openly gay person to speak at a Republican National Convention.