In the September issue of Vanity Fair, transgender actress Indya Moore criticizes President Donald Trump's attacks on the transgender community.

Moore, who uses the pronouns they/them, is best known for playing Angel Evangelista on the FX drama Pose.

Moore is among the 22 activists and visionaries featured in a segment titled “You Said Hope.”

Moore said that they incorporate activism into their daily life with “every breath I choose to take.”

They went on to say that Trump's attacks on the transgender community in the name of religion are a sign of a fascist state.

“There are several indications that this nation is moving dangerously fast into a fascist state,” Moore said. “The first, most alarming indication is the movement for religious freedom in America. Christians in America are not a marginalized religion, however the liberty of queer and trans people to exist without punishment has been widely perceived as a threat to their religious freedom.”

“There have been so many laws and executive orders targeting queer and trans folks’ ability to be employed, to be sheltered, and to have access to medical care in the name of 'God.' Religious freedom in the 21st century doesn’t seem to protect any other religions. We see the rise in Islamophobia at the same time we see the rise in discrimination against queer and trans people. The religious interests and beliefs of some Christians are being forced into legislation around human rights, e.g.: abortion rights, queer and trans rights,” they said.

The second sign of a fascist state, Moore said, was the Trump administration's rush to label antifa a terrorist organization.

“I believe America is at a crossroads, and if the well-intentioned powers across this country do not focus their attention to fighting racial disparity rather than protecting racist historical statues, we will continue to implode,” Moore said.