In a new interview, Robert Sheehan talks about how his character on The Umbrella Academy was re-written as gay.

In the Netflix series, Sheehan plays Klaus Hargreeves, also known as Number 4 and The Seance. The show follows a group of seven adopted siblings born on the same day with extraordinary powers. Klaus can talk to the dead. The series is based on the Dark Horse comic book of the same name.

In an Attitude cover interview, Sheehan explained that he welcomed producers' idea to change his character's sexuality.

"In truth, at the time [working on season one], [the story] was that Klaus had had a relationship with a Vietnamese woman, who has a child in the 1960s, and then he goes to find a daughter who’d be quite old and make contact,” Sheehan told the outlet.

"Then it became, ‘Well, what if he had a gay relationship in Vietnam?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, definitely.’”

"You have to follow your nose to find the most interesting road to take. And I found that really, really interesting and quite subversive of the Vietnam that’s been depicted before,” he said.

The following paragraph includes spoilers for the show's second season.

In The Umbrella Academy season two, Vanya Hargreeves, played by out actress Ellen Page, has a romantic relationship with another woman. In season one, Vanya was dating a man.

Sheehan said that the series presents same-sex relationships without prejudice.

“One thing I really do love about Umbrella Academy is that there aren’t any kind of finer points put on love and things like that,” Sheehan said.

"The show is delightfully and wonderfully and aspirationally non-prejudicial in that sense; it’s just about connection and love. That’s all it should be about,” he added.

According to Attitude, Sheehan identifies as straight but has had experiences with men in the past.