Openly gay Broward County, Florida Deputy Jonathan Bleiweiss plead not guilty to five more charges of sexual abuse on Friday, CBS affiliate WFOR reported.

Bleiweiss plead not guilty to two related charges in August. One more case is left to be arraigned.

Prosecutors accuse Bleiweiss of intimidating at least eight illegal immigrants into performing various sexual acts. The twenty-nine-year-old is accused of scaring the undocumented men, most of whom were in their late teens or early 20s, into sex after pulling them over during routine traffic stops. He is also accused of stalking some of the men after they stopped returning his calls, court documents reveal.

Prosecutors added new charges to the original complaint against Bleiweiss after investigators searched his home, where they discovered police and law enforcement records on nearly 30 men hidden inside a wooden chest in the bedroom. The printouts of photos and personal information included Bleiweiss' personal comments, such as “HOT JEEP GUY” and “HOT GUY IN TOYOTA ECHO.”

The seven-year veteran deputy was taken into custody on August 3. Defense lawyer Eric Schwartzreich has dismissed the charges, saying there is no “physical evidence to support the allegations.”

In March, Bleiweiss was named Oakland Park Employee of the Year and honored during a City Hall ceremony. Bleiweiss' assigned beat included a large gay population.