During a recent interview, former soccer star Thomas Beattie said that he's heard from closeted gay athletes since coming out.

Beattie, who played for teams in North America, Europe, and Asia, came out last month in an Instagram post and an ESPN essay.

Speaking with Thomas Roberts on his YouTube show #GAYGOODNEWS, Beattie said he's received “amazing support” after coming out.

“I got amazing support from coaches, teammates, friends, people I've never even met before, who watched me play,” Beattie said. “I couldn't be happier with the reception really.”

When Roberts asked whether he's heard from closeted players, Beattie answered, “Yeah, a lot.”

“A lot in football,” he said. “A lot in various sports. And in various countries as well.”

Beattie, 33, was forced to retired at 29 after a 10-year career when he suffered a life-threatening head injury in 2015. In his essay, Beattie said that the injury changed his outlook.

“I told myself, If I get through this, I'm going to allow myself the time and space to embrace who I really am,” he wrote. “Life is so fragile, and the things that once mattered no longer did. No amount of money, houses, cars, or achievements in football was ever going to bring me contentment if I didn't look inward and understand my feelings.”