Michigan State Representative Jon Hoadley has won the Democratic primary for Michigan's 6th congressional district, which includes Kalamazoo.

If elected in November, Hoadley would become the first openly gay member of Congress from Michigan.

Hoadley will face U.S. Representative Fred Upton, a Republican, in the fall. Michigan's 6th congressional district leans heavily Republican and Upton assumed office in 1987. However, in 2018, Upton only narrowly won re-election.

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The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation's largest LGBT rights advocate, congratulated Hoadley in a statement and said Upton “should be running scared.”

“After decades of failed anti-equality leadership from Upton, Michigan's 6th is ready for fresh, bold new leadership,” said Amritha Venkataraman, HRC state director for Michigan, “While Upton claims to oppose discrimination against the LGBTQ community, he has regularly voted against legislation to protect LGBTQ people including essential non-discrimination measures like the Equality Act that would make real change.”

Venkataraman added that Hoadley would “give a voice to the over 300,000 LGBTQ people across the state of Michigan.”

Hoadley is endorsed by the LGBTQ Victory Fund, an organization that supports LGBT candidates. According to the Victory Fund, 850 LGBT candidates are running for office this year, a record high.

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