The husband of an ICU doctor who treated coronavirus patients and died from the disease says he's angry at people who refuse to wear masks.

According to The Baltimore Sun, Dr. Joseph Costa, the chief of the critical care division at Baltimore's Mercy Medical Center, died from complications related to coronavirus on Saturday as his husband of 28 years, David Hart, held him in his arms.

Costa, 56, was surrounded by about 20 hospital colleagues holding a vigil for him before his death.

“Those who cared for Joe were his best friends,” Hart said, adding that he overheard a housekeeper say they were losing their best friend.

Costa began working at Mercy Medical Center in 1997. For 15 years, he was the chief of the critical care unit.

Hart said that he was angry at people who refuse to wear masks.

“I keep thinking, now there is one less ICU doctor to care for pandemic patients in Baltimore,” he said. “I get so angry when I see people not wearing masks. It makes me want to take a bar of soap and write on my car's rearview window that 'My husband who save so many lives died of COVID-19. Wear a mask!'”