Former U.S. Attorney General and Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions on Tuesday lost a GOP primary runoff to Tommy Tuberville.

Tuberville will face incumbent Democratic Senator Doug Jones in November.

According to GLAAD, Sessions “opposed all bills on LGBTQ equality throughout his decades in the Senate, including hate crimes legislation. As U.S. Attorney General, he worked to roll back protections for transgender students and vigorously supported expanding religious exemptions to anti-discrimination laws.”

But GLAAD is not celebrating Sessions' loss. The group said in a statement that Tuberville is also vocally opposed to LGBT rights and aligned with President Donald Trump's ideology. Tuberville recently said that “God sent Donald Trump to us.”

Last week, Tuberville, a former college football coach, said that he's against “guys turning into women” and opposed to transgender women competing in sports.

He has also criticized Chick-fil-A's decision to stop donating money to organizations opposed to LGBT rights. “Isn't it horrible when liberal activists ruin something good?” he wrote on Facebook.

Sessions had lost Trump's support following his ouster as attorney general. Tuberville's win means having a candidate in the race Trump supports, a significant endorsement in Alabama where Trump remains popular.