One Million Moms is calling for the defunding of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) over its airing of Prideland.

In the docuseries, out actor Dyllón Burnside (FX's Pose) talks with LGBT Americans living in the modern South, including lesbian moms in Alabama and Jessica Gonzalez, an openly queer Texas state representative. The series consists of six short-form episodes aired throughout June and a one-hour special broadcast on June 12.

In an email to supporters, One Million Moms' Monica Cole said that PBS must be defunded because its programming promotes “an ideology of sexual deviancy” and attacks “religious liberty.”

“PBS has been airing a TV and an online series called Prideland to promote and normalize unbiblical sexuality,” Cole wrote. “By distributing and promoting Prideland, PBS is furthering attacks on Christianity and is making a mockery of the Bible and God's design for human sexuality.”

Cole called on supporters to support a bill introduced by Colorado Representative Doug Lamborn, a Republican, which seeks to defund public broadcasting.

One Million Moms has a history of calling for boycotts against companies or organizations that support LGBT rights.