RuPaul's Drag Race alum Gia Gunn is encouraging her followers to wear masks after calling the coronavirus pandemic a hoax.

Gunn, who is transgender, competed on the show's sixth season and the fourth season of All Stars.

As the world reached a grim milestone of 10 million infections and half-a-million deaths from COVID-19, Gunn declared the pandemic a hoax and mask-wearing “ridiculous.”

“I think the whole mask thing is ridiculous,” she said in a video clip posted on Twitter. “I honestly think this whole COVID-19 thing is a hoax. I think everybody that is taking precautions is cute, and it's definitely the thing to do, but I also think that a lot of people are brainwashed.”

“I think the more and more and more that we look around and see each other with masks on, the more influenced that we are going to be to also put our masks on. Which then, to me, insinuates that things are not okay.”

“I'm here to tell you guys that I think things are more okay than what the government is allowing us to think,” she added.

Several Twitter users, including fellow drag queen Aquaria, criticized Gunn's views.

“Please @GiaGunn put on your stupid mask and let it be a reminder to not open your mouth when trying to influence your followers to practice the same unsafe actions you feel entitled to,” Aquaria wrote. “People are still dying. Be grateful it's not you or I right now.”

Another user, @MorphineMonster, tweeted: “Saying the virus is a hoax is insanely disrespectful to those that have lost loved ones.”

In a second video, Gunn said that it was time for her to take her own advice and “do better.”

“It's time for us to put our masks back on,” she said. “I thank you all so much for correcting me, educating me, and informing me.”

Holding up masks from Michael Ngo, Gunn asked followers to wear a mask that promotes the transgender community or one from a designer who donates to “great causes.”