Spanish doctor Francisco Jose Alvarado became the new Mr. Gay World earlier this month after this year's contest was postponed.

Alvarado, 30, was last year's runner-up. After coronavirus lockdown pushed this year's contest to 2021, Alvarado took over the title.

In a video posted on the Facebook account of Mr. Gay World, Alvarado said: “I'm really happy to announce I'm the new Mr. Gay World. I want to say thank you for giving me that opportunity.”

Alvarado recently recovered from COVID-19. Spain has one of the highest death tolls from the disease in the world per capita. While daily deaths have dropped to single digits, new cases have spiked above 500 per day on many days in June.

“I got infected at the beginning, last March,” Alvarado told the BBC. “All minor symptoms, fortunately. It has been really hard because we have seen a lot of patients very, very ill and very fast. Now, it's getting better. I hope that it finish soon, please.”

Alvarado said that he wants to spread a message that being gay is natural.

“I think it's very important to show to other countries, this is something natural. And that we are all equal,” he said.

He added that he wants to cultivate a more “realistic” image of gay men. In various posts, Alvarado shared that he's going bald, getting a bit pudgy, and has a small penis.

“There [is] a lot of suicide risk in our community. And a lot of people have physical complexes [body image issues]. So, that's why I'm showing that I'm getting bald or that I'm getting a little bit fat. And that I'm hairy. I also talked about penis size. I want to show something different, more natural, and closer to reality,” he said.