During a recent interview, out singer-songwriter Boy George said that people not affected by the Black Lives Matter protests “have no soul.”

Boy George, 59, made his comments while participating in a Pride Summit organized by The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard.

“If you're a human being and you see these things, you cannot be not affected,” he said. “I mean, if you're not affected, you have no soul!”

He also said that after he got “ripped apart” online last year for tweeting “all lives matter,” a user explained to him that “It's not about you.”

“That was [the] point she was trying to make to me, and it didn't take long to get it,” he said.

Another incident online that got Boy George, who is known for his androgynous look, in trouble was tweeting “leaving your pronouns at the door.” Boy George denied the comment was transphobic, as some users had claimed.

“My point when I said the thing about the pronouns was, you will never have a situation, when you encounter me, where you'll have to explain yourself to the degree where it's uncomfortable for you,” he said. “I see the world has changed a lot, and that's what I wanted! I wanted people to be able to be free to identify as whoever they want.”