In a recent interview with UK LGBT glossy Attitude, Bobby Berk, Queer Eye's design guy, said that the show's church makeover episode opened up old wounds from his childhood.

At 15, Berk became homeless after running away from the conservative Christian home he grew up in.

“The only time I'd heard about gay was in church, and that was that those people have horns,” Berk said. “They're the devil. They're an abomination.”

“I couldn't come out, but I couldn't not come out,” he said. “It was bad. Bad enough I had to leave. There wasn't one person in the world who knew who I was.”

In the show's second season, the Fab Five met Tammye, a devout Christian who wants them to complete her church's community center rather than redoing her own house. The cancer survivor also has a gay son who had recently moved back to small-town Gay, Georgia, population 89.

“In my first meeting with the producers, I said, 'Never ask me to talk about religion. Never ask me to go into a church,'” Berk said.

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Berk said that he threatened to walk when he learned about the episode.

“The Mama Tammye episode was kind of an accident. She wasn't supposed to be the hero originally. It was so hard for me to do that episode. They told me it was a 'community center.' They fucking knew I wouldn't do a church!”

“It emotionally killed me. It opened up so many wounds [that] I couldn't even acknowledge were there,” Berk said. “I'd buried them so deep, that to let them out meant I wouldn't be able to put myself back together.”

Berk said that he agreed to do the episode for “the kids who are still being taught self-hate.”

Berk added that he had reconciled with his family “years ago.”

“They just needed some time to figure out what they believed without the church,” he said.