The Hungarian Parliament on Tuesday approved a bill that seeks to prohibit transgender and intersex people from legally changing their gender.

According to the AP, lawmakers approved the measure with a 133-57 vote. The bill would recognize “sex assigned at birth” in the civil registry, making legal gender recognition impossible, said ILGA-Europe, an LGBT rights group.

LGBT activist groups criticized passage of the bill.

“[The bill] is contradictory to international and national human rights standards and violates the right to self determination,” Transvanilla Transgender Association said in a statement.

Masen Davis, interim executive director of Transgender Europe, said that his group was “dismayed” by the news.

“We are dismayed by this decision to roll back established rights,” Davis said. “Trans and intersex Hungarians, as all people in Hungary, should have their human rights equally protected and without discrimination.”

The bill was widely supported by members of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's Fidesz party.