The Equality PAC, the political action committee lead by openly LGBT members of Congress, has endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for president.

The Equality PAC is co-chaired by Democratic Representatives David Cicilline of Rhode Island and Mark Takano of California. Its main mission is to support openly LGBT candidates and community supporters running for federal office.

“[Biden] has been a strong leader on LGBTQ issues over his career and as president will continue to be a champion for our community,” Cicilline said in a statement given to the Washington Blade.

“Too many LGBTQ Americans can still get fired from their jobs or kicked out of their homes just because of who they are,” Cicilline said. “This is wrong and it's why electing Joe Biden is critical in our fight for full equality.”

Monday is the first anniversary of House passage of the Equality Act, a federal LGBT protections bill. The Senate has refused to take up the bill and President Donald Trump is opposed.

“One year ago the House made history and passed the Equality Act, which protects all LGBTQ Americans from discrimination – but the Senate has failed to act,” Cicilline said. “Joe Biden's candidacy will help elect Democrats across the country to secure the pro-equality Democratic majorities needed in the House and Senate to see the Equality Act become a reality.”

Biden has promised to make passage of the Equality Act a legislative priority of his administration.

In a statement recognizing Biden's commitment to LGBT rights, Takano noted Sunday's International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia.

“As we recognize International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia today, I say it's time to fight back, it's time to restore the soul of our nation, and it's time we make the United States a global leader in human rights, and I say, 'Let's go, Joe!'” Takano said.

The Biden campaign said in a statement that it was grateful for the endorsement.

Biden is “deeply proud and honored to receive the support of Equality PAC,” said Reggie Greer, LGBTQ+ vote director for the Biden campaign.

“As we work towards our shared mission of improving the lives of all LGBTQ+ people, we stand committed and ready to work with Equality PAC to ensure we usher in a wave of pro-equality champions into government this November and elect Joe Biden our next president,” he added.