According to a new Pew Research Center survey, nearly half of Americans born after 1996, Generation Z, and Millennials believe same-sex marriage is good for society.

Pollsters found that only 15 percent of Gen Zers and Millennials believe marriage equality is bad for society, with 84 percent saying that it is either a good thing or doesn't make a difference.

By comparison, only one-third of Gen Xers and 27 percent of Boomers say gay and lesbian couples getting hitched is a good thing. Members of the Silent Generation have become the outliers, with only 18 percent saying same-sex marriage is a good thing and 43 percent saying it's a bad thing.

Gen Zers are also more likely than those in older generations to support gender-neutral pronouns. Nearly six-in-ten Gen Zers (59%) say forms should include gender options other than “man” and “woman.” Fifty percent of Millenials agree. Support drops to 40 percent among Gen Xers, 37 percent among Boomers, and 32 percent among Silents.

Majorities of Gen Zers and Millennials expressed comfort in using gender-neutral pronouns.

Researchers also found that seventy-seven percent of Gen Z voters disapprove of President Donald Trump. Twenty-four million Gen Zers will be eligible to vote in November.